Turkish cuisine is famous with its savory recipes as well as its desserts. Turkish borek is a kind of savory dough sheets/filo with cheese or any other kind of fillings. You can try this easy Turkish borek recipe simply by changing cheese with some other ingredient.

Turkish Borek Recipe – Peynirli Börek Tarifi (TR)


  • 4 phyllo/filo sheets (You can easily find them on Turkish markets. It’s called “yufka” in TR.
  • 1 egg
  • 1–1.5 cups of yogurt
  • Half a glass of oil

For filling:

  • 250 gr. feta cheese or Turkish white cheese
  • Pinch of salt
  • Parsley or dill

How to make Turkish Borek Recipe

  1. Chop some parsley or dill finely.

2. Mash the cheese with a fork and mix it with the greens.

3. Use baking paper on the baking tray or sprey it with baking oil. 

4. Lay 1 sheet of filo on it so that the edges overflow from the tray.

5. Divide the remaining phyllo into 3-4 pieces by hand, and combine them so that they can be laid in one layer.

6. Beat eggs, yoghurt and oil thoroughly.

7. Spread sauce on each layer of filo and sprinkle cheese mix.

8. You will make some kind of lasagne out of filo, egg mix and cheese.

9. When it comes to the last part, neatly cover the wide phyllo on the top.

10. Spread the remaining sauce.

11. You can sprinkle black cumin or sesame seeds if you want.

12. Bake in a preheated 180 degree oven until it looks brown.

Bon appetite or “Afiyet olsun :)” (TR) 

Spread the taste :)