Turkish tea recipe

Turkish tea recipe is really delicious and Turkish tea is a phenomenal beverage. Even if you haven’t visit Turkey you must have heard of Turkish tea. Turkey’s national brew might be a bit strong for you but believe us; you will get addicted to it.

Turkish tea pot
Turkish tea pots

Turkish tea recipe

Traditionally we brew Turkish tea in authenticTurkish tea pots. Turkish pots for tea have to pieces. One at the bottom is larger than the one on the top. You boil the water under and while the water is boiling, you add loose Turkish tea leaves into the pot on it. You wait for 10 minutes so that the tea leaves at the top get warm and then pour hot water slowly. Allow the Turkish tea to steep for 15-20 minutes.

To serve, pour some of the brew into the cup or preferably tulip shaped Turkish tea glass and add hot water from the bigger pot.

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Turkish tea may also be prepared with hot boiling water and Turkish tea bags. You add Turkish tea bags into hot water and wait until it’s brewed.

Then pour some of the brew into glass and add hot water from the kettle.

For light Turkish tea recipe, you should fill the cup half or quarter way and then top up with hot water.

Turkish tea recipe helps digestion, refreshing and has many health benefits.

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